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Dirk Evans
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My wonderful wife, Susie, & I in Punta Cana 2013 celebrating our marriage of December 2012.
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From April 1999 to April 2001 I created 2 30-minute music shows of progressive music a week that could be downloaded and listened to on any computer that has a sound-card. There is a Yahoogroups mailing list associated with the shows.

Now Gnosis is pretty much the only web-page that I work on.
You're looking at it.

Geographical location: Creve Coeur, MO, USA (suburban St Louis)
Other contact information:
DOB: October 24, 1966
Enjoy these Styles and musical qualities: Canterbury, Difficult, Folk, Kosmiche or Kraut Rock, Improvisational, Jazz, Modern Classical, RIO, Symphonic, Traditional, Space, Zeuhl
Other styles/genres/qualities of music that I like not listed above: I especially like progressive music that makes use of unusual instruments. This seems to be most prevalent in folk/prog bands. In between the more obscure instruments and the standard rock instruments (guitar, bass, drums, keys), I like progressive music with these instruments: flute, cello, trumpet.
Favorite or well-respected bands/artists check my ratings!
Dislike these Styles and musical qualities:
Musical styles or qualities that I do not like:
Occupation(s): Software Engineer
Other musical activities: Gnosis.

I play guitar and jam with friends every once in a while. We have over 50 recorded hours of mostly improvised music with my band "The Plastic Food Arrangement", which goes back to 10th grade in high school.

Hobbies / obsessions:
Other comments: In December 2012, I married the love of my life, Susie.