Mike McLatchey 4-October-2002 Momento

Bakery is an Australian rock group from the early 70s with strong strains of blues and psychedelia in their music. Obviously influenced by the wave of late 60s/early 70s beat psych and early progressive rock, Bakery are often imitators or regurgitators of their influences. Momento is the band's second album and even though they were never around long enough to fully create their own sound, they were beginning to do so here. Strains of all sorts of groups inform Bakery's rock: Jefferson Airplane, Family, Procol Harum, and Traffic among many. Bakery are quite dynamic and dramatic with room for some great guitar, organ and flute solos. In fact, as powerful as the vocals are (they remind me a bit of John Mayall), it's these wonderful instrumental sections that really push this forward. True, the occasional boogie number/section might remind one of Pig Pen-era Grateful Dead, but these are all pretty few and far between. This is the sort of album one might call a proto-progressive, although by 1972, this sort of album was already starting to sound dated. To hell with it, I love this sort of thing. Side 2 in particular has some excellent jamming sections. This is one I'd love to see reissued.

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