Eddie Lascu 29-Dec-2008 Glow in the Dark

Kevin Bartlett is a musician active in the New York area for over 30 years. He composes and also plays his music as well as collaborating with other musicians. His compositions are new-age/ambient pieces with a lot of classical and progressive rock influences. Bartlett is a multi-instrumentalist, but guitar is his main instrument, his playing style described as being similar to that of David Gilmour.

“Glow in the Dark” is a follow-up to “Near-Life Experience” released in 2003. The album contains 10 tracks, most of them being rather long (well over 7 minutes). The music is not at all boring, as some of us may expect from albums in the ambient fold and that is because “Glow in the Dark” is more than just a collection of drones and audio samples. Bartlett‘s frequent guitar intermissions (scroll quickly to the 7th minute of “Chauncey Saucer Survives 2012”), the dynamic keyboard textures plus the presence of drums are adding a lot of spice to this brew. And since we are talking about spices, let’s not forget to mention here the eerie, mid-eastern like feminine vocals. Kirsti Gholson is credited in the liner notes for providing the cherubic vocals.

Despite the fact that most of the tracks have names (“Moon v. Moon” – the best track of the album, “God’s Little Do-over”) that will point to the cosmos and heaven as the main sources of inspiration, I can hear plenty of earthly influences, much like what world-fusion does sometimes (Cyrille Verdeaux anybody?). There is a positive, almost serene vibe to the music which makes it a very good candidate for the background of a romantic dinner or for your next yoga class, if you want to impress the girl next mat. As the title implies, there is always hope, no matter how desperate the situation is.

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