Sjef Oellers 16-Jan-2001 Luciano Basso - Voci

Voci is the first album by piano player Luciano Basso. It was released in 1976. This instrumental album starts with a melancholic theme for piano and violin. The classical progressive mood on the first track is quite similar to the two first songs on the Il Tempo della Gioia by Quella Vecchia Locanda. Later in the song some electric guitar and synthesizers enter, but the somewhat gloomy feel to the song remains. The second and third tracks, "Promenade I" and "Promenade II," are a succesful attempt to merge classical renaissance music with 70's progressive rock. "Promenade I" opens with a great, catchy violin-Hammond theme, followed by some great 70's progressive rock roughly in the Tarkus ELP style, but more sophisticated. This intro is followed by a nice harpsichord intermezzo, finally the song returns to the great opening theme. "Promenade II" opens with some great piano playing and is followed then by another variation of the Promenade theme (lots of Hammond). The title song is grandiose symphonic rock (more in the style of instrumental Gabriel-era Genesis). The last song "Echo" opens with organ and choir-like singing. A chamber music-like part follows and a Floydian spacey guitar part comes in, a bit later accompanied by the choir. Then a busy part which sounds like early Gentle Giant and ELP. An excellent and varied closing track. Voci is firmly in the classical, symphonic progressive style, but the musical refinement probably comes closer to QVL's Il Tempo della Gioia than RDM's Contaminazione.

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