Mike McLatchey 26-August-2002 Einsteig

Of all the myriad of German experimental ensembles in the 70s, Between have to be among the most singular and impressive. Their first album, Einsteig features an almost all-star line-up including Peter Michael Hamel, Cotch Black, Jimmy Galway and others. The band varies their sounds from the all acoustic to the cosmic. Having similarities to various musics, from the early explorations of Britain's Third Ear Band to classical, medieval, and trans-ethnic musics, Between weave a gorgeous tapestry of pieces both soothing and mystical. Backed with both the simple backing of hand percussion and the classical grandeur of tympani, the musicians lay down webs of organ, piano, flutes, oboes, viola and more. The music grabs you with its skillfull sense of both past and future, the reminiscences of medieval memory taken to its krautrock conclusion with an almost Amon Duul-like trance-like feel and the powerful minimalist droning of Hamel. While we haphazardly stack CDs into krautrock subdivisions, we tend to forget that Between does not share its own pile. They are distinctive in a way that few groups are on this, the first of their three masterpieces.

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