Eddie Lascu 29-Aug-2007 Und Die Scheisse Ändert Sich Immer

Let’s make the introduction right off the bat. Big Sir is a duo comprised of Juan Alderete de la Pena and Lisa Papineau. While de la Pena may be a more familiar name since he is playing bass in the very successful band Mars Volta, Papineau is a less familiar figure, with a solo career and some recordings made with bands such as Air and M83. Although other guests include members from Mars Volta (as I will reveal in a minute), the music is nothing like “Frances the Mute” or “Amputechture”. In fact what I am about to review is a very domestic, almost serene piece of work that may well be categorized as pop, techno, ambient, electronic or even smooth, groovy jazz. I read people associating them to Stereolab, a perspective that is worth considering. Personally I hear a less-aggressive, more-cheeky Massive Attack. The attitude is undeniable throughout the entire album, perhaps entertained by the numerous experiments boldly undertaken here and there.

Papineau and de la Pena crossed paths in a band called Pet. They discovered a shared interest in the “fluid side of rock and roll”. Two albums were subsequently released on Mootron Records, one of them being a collection of remixes featuring Dan the Automator (from Kool Keith/Automator). And since we mentioned Dan’s contribution, let’s introduce the rest of the guests on this album: multi-instrumentalist Adrian Terrazas Gonzales (Mars Volta), bassist Jonathan Hischke (Hella), keyboardist Money Mark (Beastie Boys) as well as producer Mickey P. (Peaches, Beck), appearing on three tracks of the album.

The album contains 14 tracks, clocks in a little over 53 minutes and it is recommended to anyone trying to expand horizons into new, uncovered musical territories. If you are ready to embark on this voyage, make sure you are getting on board with the best.

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