Mike McLatchey 23-August-2002 Exprime La Naranja

Iceberg may be the most well known fusion group from 70s/80s Spain which would definitely explain why Borne sounds almost exactly like them. Yes, Andalusian flavored jazz rock is the style here and Borne definitely know how to play, pulling off a fast-paced, riffing fusion with lots of room for soloing from keyboards and guitar. Along the way a number of styles are met from those cheesy 70s TV show type jazz rock themes, to funk, to straight out Mahavishnu-like riffing. This is generally fusion of the more accessible type, and with nine tracks there is rarely room for a more stretched out and solo occupied approach such as you'd find on an album like Coses Nostres. Borne do have their high moments of course, especially when the rhythm section pumps out a fast flowing fusion beat, the type of adrenalin-pumping action that almost makes you forget what's going on on top. However such moments are relatively rare and soon after you'll be faced with yet another nod to the sort of directions that watered down the fusing of two styles in the 70s to where the music sounds like "yet another fusion group." It would be hard to recommend this to someone versed in the genre or to a newcomer, but that's not saying there isn't good music to be had here. But Exprime La Naranja is generally a mixed effort and supposedly these nods to acessible forms of the genre find an even firmer ground on their follow-up from three years later.

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