Tom Hayes 03-November-2001 Carol of Harvest

Carol of Harvest are one of the legends of the progressive rock collecting world. Released on the ultra-private Brutkasten label, COH were destined to be a big collectors item. Frequently praised as the "best prog folk group ever", the foundation was laid for dealers to fetch four-figure sums. "Acid guitar, long tracks and gorgeous female vocals". Of course, the reality is Carol of Harvest is a very apt and good title but certainly nothing warranting a $1,000 or more purchase. Maybe nothing is worth these sums, but all things considered, Carol of Harvest are a competent late 1970s German progressive rock band with a slight folk edge. I hear similarities to fellow-countrymen like Rebekka and Werwolf, both considerably less expensive in the day before the CD reissue. Basically, Carol of Harvest blend female vocal-led folk melodies with drawn out prog rock arrangements featuring Moog synthesizer and some complex meters. Throw in some loud acid guitar solos and you have the makings for a super-imaginative record dealer to hype this puppy through the roof. This is no lemon mind you. Plenty of good ideas and original playing to entice the most cynical prog rock fan.

In 1994, the band re-released the album as an LP and that's when I and many curious collectors first discovered the album. 2001 finally saw the CD issue from Second Battle with three live bonus tracks (mediocre sound) that feature organ instead of synthesizers.

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