Mike McLatchey 24-April-2001 Gorilla

Creative Rock are a loud, brassy, bluesy rock group found on the early Brain label who are obviously influenced by early Chicago (Transit Authority). In fact, this is the type of music that makes me think of the Blues Brothers, although Creative Rock's vocalist is much more earthy and masculine than either brother. There are eight tracks on Gorilla, the band's debut album from 1972. Throughout, we are given a taste of American-styled brass rock in all its bluesy guises, from full-title boogie to more, tasteful, progressive movements such as on the set's longest track "Blind People" and its follow-up "The Word Between 6 and 8 a.m." Due to the wealth of great music to be found on the original Green Brain series, Creative Rock are often overlooked, after all their music is much less inventive and engaging than at least half the catalog. But it's pretty fun rock in its own right, and there is an occasional twist here and there to keep it interesting.

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