Mike McLatchey 15-September-2001 Between The Leaves

A little-known progressive from Norway, this Deja-Vu recorded their sole album Between The Leaves in 1976. Musically, the band seemed to take their influences from both the hard rock school and the English symphonic rock masters, and calling Deja Vu a cross between Deep Purple and Yes wouldn't be too far off. In fact, a similar comparison could be found in neighboring Swedes Blakulla. Structurally, the music crosses crunchy guitar vamps with melodic sequences overlaid with lots of keyboards and plenty of monophonic synth leads. Perhaps the album's only weak spot is the English vocals which, at times, are poorly mixed or a bit shaky. Compositionally, Deja Vu provide some excellent moments, especially on opening track "Burning Bridges" which culminates a synth and guitar trade off by doubling a melody line for great effect. In parts of this piece, the more mainstream inclinations of the group can also be heard, and while not in the realm of the inspid by any means, some of the choruses here and on other tracks definitely and fleetingly remind me of artists like Styx or Frampton. Overall, a solid piece that should be of interest to collector's of 70's anologia.

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