Eddie Lascu 16-June-2007 Ocean Dynamics

If you ever thought that mixing together multiple styles as diverse as metal, operatic and electronic does not work, think again. Sure, there are a lot of bands these days that are blending metal with operatic-type vocals (Nightwish is one band that comes to mind, but there are others, such as Epica, Rhapsody and Stratovarious). But to add electronic music to the mix, that’s a bit unusual, isn’t it? Well, Dol Ammad does just that.

The brainchild of Thanasis Lightbridge, Dol Ammad released its second album called “Ocean Dynamics”, following “Star Tales” released in 2004. Originally influenced by the great masters of electronic music, such as Vangelis and Jean-Michel Jarre, keyboardist Thanasis Lightbridge embarks on a promising artistic career. Along the way, he discovers the sheer energy and power of heavy metal and starts including its elements in his creational process.

In 2003 Lightbridge crosses paths with phenom drummer Alex Holzwarth (ex Rhapsody and Sieges Even). They start a fructuous collaboration, Holzwarth having a great influence on Lightbridge’s music. Together they record “Star Tales” which is received with great enthusiasm by a growing fan base. “Ocean Dynamics” branded by the band as “an aquatic space opera” is taking this musical partnership even further. Enter the operatic style, the third ingredient of the mix. For this album, Lightbridge uses a choir of 14 classically trained singers (7 men and 7 women). Their voices, ranging from soprano to bass, will create a full spectrum of dramatic emotions, comparable to Orf’s “Carmina Burana”. The numerous innovative soundscapes composed by Lightbridge are laid upon the incredible rhythmic section of Holzwarth. For one song, the splendid choir is augmented by yet another great in the world of melodic metal: DC Cooper from Silent Force appears on “Aquatic Majesty”, perhaps the highlight of the album. Dol Ammad surely must be one of the most exciting new bands coming from Greece. I already look forward to their next release with great expectations.

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