Sjef Oellers 17-Mar-2001 Terra in Bocca (Poesia di un Diletto)

When I first heard this album, I was irritated by the enormous amount of vocals. I have gradually grown to like the album, as some of the vocal sections are excellent and there is great mellotron playing on the album. Terra In Bocca seems to be a concept album about the Italian mafia. Your enjoyment of the album is probably greatly enlarged when you can understand the lyrics. The album sounds a bit like half-acoustic/half-electric rock opera. A melancholic mood pervades the more acoustic first half of the album with lots of vocal arrangements backed by piano, organ, mellotron and acoustic guitar. There is almost a non-stop presence of vocals with little room for instrumental sections. (If you like completely instrumental music, this album will probably be too much to take). Nevertheless, there are some (far too short) majestic mellotron interludes and short symphonic rock outburts throughout the album. On the second half of the album things occaionally get a bit bombastic and cheesy. From time to time they border on the edge of Italian easy listening pop, but usually the fantastic mellotron passages come in just in time. An interesting and original album especially for some excellent vocal passages and great use of mellotron. Still, the really great passages are too few and far between to make Terra In Bocca a classic for me.

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