Mike McLatchey 23-Oct-2006 Litanies

I can't help but be reminded of early "My Generation"-period Who in the prevalent vocal harmonies on this early 70s, one-shot French album. Released in 1972, Iris seems to have more in common with the early psych and beat scenes than the developing progressive rock scene. The nine pieces here all range from 2 1/2 to 5 minutes and feature lots of organ, the occasional fuzz guitar, and the above-mentioned vocals. Even structurally the music smacks of the earliest Who, although the pagan excursions do tend to set the style a bit later than mid-60s beat. It has a quaint charm of its own, the music, and the occasional tendency to experiment in differing rhythmic structures reminds me of similar tendencies in other French rock groups of the time, such as Ame Son or Couer Magique. This tenuous balance between the desire to experiment and Iris's strong beat influence is actually a sort of rare agreement for the time, especially in comparison to many more advanced groups of the time. But it's also these tendencies that gives this album its underlying charm. This is a listenable bit of arcana for sure.

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